What’s the best way to season my cast iron BBQ grill grates?

The grill comes standard with a low maintenance Porcelain Coated Cast Iron Grate. Nevertheless if you purchased the optional raw cast iron grill grate that is naturally porous and ideal for seasoning and aging, please follow the additional steps below to begin seasoning your grill grate before use. A well-seasoned grate will resist rust and create a virtually nonstick surface for cooking over time, preferred by most experienced chefs.

1. Remove the grate from packing materials.

2. Brush vegetable oil lightly over cast iron pieces to coat the entire surface.

3. Heat the grate to approximately 250 degrees Fahrenheit (120 degrees Celsius) on low over your grill for approximately an hour.

4. Wipe the grate well, and let it cool completely before use.

5. To preserve this natural, protective coating, DO NOT USE SOAP when cleaning a seasoned grate. Instead, scrub the grate with a mixture of salt and vegetable oil, rinse with hot water, and dry completely over low heat before storing.

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